Youtube Shorts Ideas: The Best List to Try

Youtube wants to take a sizable portion of the market for short-form video content.

With the popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts has emerged as the most straightforward platform to promote brand interaction.

Your subscriber and watch counts can increase if you master creating Youtube shorts. It’s remarkable how much easier it is than making Youtube stuff.

But you must understand that the key to your success is creating concepts that consistently provide high-quality material. And on any video-focused site, consistency is a key component for boosting engagement, streamlining traffic, and monetizing content.

In light of this, we have compiled a selection of well-liked Youtube Shorts concepts to increase views and subscribers as well as create viral content that will strengthen your business.

Let’s begin with the fundamentals.

Youtube Shorts Ideas

youtube shorts ideas for beginer

First off, there is no restriction on your ability to work in a certain area. You are free to create videos in any specific industry. However, not every specialty has videos that are suited for this function; certain themes are acceptable and well-liked.

It is appropriate since Youtube short films must be vertical and 60 seconds or less. Therefore, it might not always be able to create a whole video in 60 seconds or vertically.

Series Story Timeline

Everyone enjoys the stories, right? Everyone enjoys hearing all types of stories in some way. Additionally, if you can condense those lengthy stories into shorter ones or write some new short stories.

Then, you may create the most original and captivating Youtube Shorts stories that will appeal to everyone, not just children.

Idea for Passive Income

When you are not actively participating yet nevertheless get money from it, it is what is meant by passive income. You may make a few seconds of video about passive income in this particular sector.

You may explain the source of money to your audience while also outlining the essential procedures to take.

Some options for this sector include buying stocks and cryptocurrencies, selling digital items, affiliate marketing, building websites and applications, buying real estate, and learning how to sell images.

Talent Showcase

Every person is endowed with a unique gift. It’s up to you to find it. Therefore, using Youtube Shorts to share your skills with the world is a great idea.

The entire globe is eagerly anticipating your very incredible performance. Set aside your fear and show off your talents.

Websites and Apps

Without a question, some applications and websites are having a significant impact on how we go about our everyday lives. They enable us to do a certain activity quickly.

On the internet, there are many applications and websites that may be used to do tasks quickly or profit from them.

By creating a few Youtube videos, you may discuss these types of applications and websites. For instance. Best websites for freelancing where you can earn money, top 5 video editors for mobile or PC, best websites for music that is copyright-free for your film, etc.

Unboxing Video

To demonstrate to your audience exactly what to anticipate when getting your goods, unbox it. Make the video as entertaining and interesting as you can to entice viewers to make purchases.

Image Story

Photographs are a distinctive method to convey emotions, especially when humorous pictures are accompanied by background voices, music, or other audio/visual effects.

You may improve the images or change the background voice using various web tools. Such a Youtube Shorts Video combo gives your channel a distinctive feel.

Cute Animal Activities

On social media, people always describe pets as “cute” and “beautiful.” They can also be humorous. If properly trained, they are capable of performing, jumping, and engaging in enjoyable activities at will.

Humor your visitors on Youtube Shorts by exhibiting these lovely critters’ comical antics. They are a collection of fun and excitement. Someone will undoubtedly like this today.

Before & After

Here, you must demonstrate to your audience the evolving outcomes. more like the before and after of a certain item.

For instance, a movie showing a room’s change before and after, a marriage before and after, a body weight reduction shot before and after, etc. Please remember to record both the before and after versions.

Daily Experiences

Indeed, there are many delights, events, and surprises in life. So why not modify some of its moments to fit the top Youtube Shorts suggestions. These encounters may happen anywhere—at home, with neighbors, in society, at school, at the office, etc.

To ensure that you don’t miss any amazing experiences, you should keep your judging eyes peeled for all the moments. You may even jot it down to create a series.

Living in the now brings wonder. Allow people to join you on this adventure and use their support to help develop your ideas for Youtube Shorts.

Business Ideas

You may create short films about company concepts that could give your viewers financial security. Post brief films that can aid viewers in grasping and expanding a company idea.

For instance, explain to your audience what small-scale, large-scale, franchise, internet, or e-commerce enterprises are as well as what kind of businesses will be lucrative in the near future.

Educational Content

Short educational videos are a terrific method to provide customers short advice and details regarding the purchasing and selling of homes.

These and TikToks may include legal jargon, home staging advice, how-to guides for maintenance and lawn care, or even frequently asked questions (FAQs) with brief responses.


You may become a Youtube Shorts ideas Star if playing with substances or anything else around you makes you feel out of this world. simply by demonstrating how combining two chemicals results in something entirely unique and wonderful to experience.

Simply go through your whole collection of experiments and group them under ideas for your Youtube Shorts Channel. and use such chemical/physical experiments to make a massive mistake.

Animated Character

Kids love watching cartoons. However, they are quite popular. You may try making a spoof of your favourite cartoon or cartoon character.

This will make your Youtube Short Video channel more entertaining and exciting.


Watching cooking videos is quite enjoyable. Many individuals adore watching culinary videos for instruction as well as amusement.

Because you need to incorporate all the essential making-of clips into a little film, some artists may find it challenging to create Youtube Shorts for this niche.

However, if you are skilled at video editing, making movies for Youtube Shorts—which depict the entire culinary process in 60 seconds—should be simple for you.

The timeline of your video editor will have several cuts. This may be one of the finest concepts for Youtube Shorts if executed properly.

Laugh-Off Competition

The drive to lead is fueled by competition, especially if you add some spice to it. People will then like participating in it. So what are you waiting for? Simply come up with humorous video competition ideas for Youtube Shorts to entice viewers to watch the films and participate.

A funny competition can involve anything you find amusing, unique, and noticeable, such as an eccentric hairdo, an out-of-season festival celebration, or anything else.

Daily Adventures

Everyone’s lives have enough drama, successes, and unforeseen upheavals. Why don’t you use some of these incidents as inspiration for a Youtube Short?

You can record events occurring at your house, neighborhood, or place of employment.

Go forth and prepare to capture some of these moments on camera for your viewers. To maintain some regularity, you can make a 60-second series.

DIY Projects

DIY stands for “do it yourself,” which excludes any outside assistance. If you’re talented and creative, creating DIY crafts will be a fantastic topic for your Youtube videos.

Some concepts for Youtube Shorts include paper cut craft, candle craft, bottle craft, hand-painted wallpaper, leftover tile décor, house decor, cement hacks, and garden sculptures.

Micro Reviews

You can record small product reviews for related goods based on the subject matter of your channel. Because they provide viewers with value, review videos do well on the platform. Use Shorts to draw attention to a lengthier review video that you may have posted on your channel.

A excellent minute-long video may be made by creating a fast review and providing a few snappy highlights and drawbacks along with your overall viewpoint.


Sometimes people want encouragement or inspiration to carry out a specific task. Humans may be inspired by motivational speeches and quotations. This might provide him a confidence boost if he starts to lose it.

On Youtube, a lot of individuals look for inspirational videos to boost their own spirits. You may create one-minute videos on this subject.

Quirky Music

A distinctive sound is produced by the dripping of water, rainfall, moving trees, and blowing air.

Therefore, have a look around to discover your inspiration for making some unique sounds, whether it comes from a musical instrument or something you can manufacture yourself, such a tumbler, glass, bowl, etc. And observe the ambient music that permeates everything around us.

Just give it a go and dance to the music you make with all of the Youtube Shorts Channel’s global listeners.

Painting and Drawing

Try this specialty if you enjoy painting and drawing. This niche has the benefit of allowing you to operate anonymously. You must severely edit your footage on the timeline of your video editor, much like in the culinary specialty.

You can cover subjects in this area like ASMR coloring, drawing with a weak hand or foot, or displaying the materials you use when painting or drawing.

Fun facts

Do you think you are a fountain of all worthless information? Everyone appreciates hearing a funny or fascinating truth. It will assist to lure viewers into the remainder of your material if you keep it at least somewhat related to your channel.

Funny Act with Pets

Those that own pets consider them to be their favorite. They play, dance, and engage in a variety of enjoyable activities, and they are wonderful. If they haven’t already taken notice, have you ever observed that?

You’ll be astonished by how lovable these little animals are, so be ready to use Youtube Shorts ideas to document their humorous antics. Everyone will grin as a result of it.


This is a really broad niche where you can cover a lot of ground, but it’s also a very crowded niche with many artists already addressing it.

You may create brief films on upcoming movie times, trailers, music album release dates, celebrity facts, movie facts, quote gossip, reacting to videos, lip-syncing, etc.


Helpful hacks are another another of those Youtube Shorts concepts that works well in longer form video. You may make a brief, snappy video sharing one hack rather than a lengthier one including several.

The main thing to remember is to keep it related to your specialty, but other from that, go inventive! In fact, the more extraordinary and astounding, the better.


Historical occurrences may make excellent material for Youtube Shorts. The history of technology, the lives of well-known people from throughout the world, historical events that occurred in certain nations, and other topics fit into this specialty.

Interesting Facts

People are interested in learning intriguing information, whether they are connected to science, history, entertainment, the human body, or animals.

People enjoy watching quick films of mind-blowing information, so if you can make some for Youtube, it will be to your advantage.

Tips & Tricks

The majority of individuals today look for answers to their issues on Youtube because they desire quick suggestions or tactics.

You may create movies with tips and techniques on a variety of topics, including technology, home items, and food preparation. Examples include cooking tips, photography tips & tricks, Android tips, IOS tips, Windows tips, Mac tips, video editing tips, etc.

Workout ideas

The fitness concept is one of the finest ones for Youtube Shorts. You may create brief films on different exercises to keep healthy.

You may talk about topics like how to exercise, workouts for weight loss, motivational workouts, beginning workouts, diets for workouts, exercise equipment, vitamins & supplements for workouts, morning and evening workout routines, fitness transformation, etc.

After knowing the Youtube Shorts ideas, then how to upload Youtube Shorts from PC?


niches for youtube shorts
What should I post on Youtube Shorts?

On subjects pertinent to your niche and the subject matter of your Youtube post, you should make Youtube Shorts. Shorts may also be used to excite your audience by introducing new goods or services.

Do Shorts give money in Youtube?

By registering for and getting approved into the Youtube Partner Program, you can make money on Youtube. Without being a member of the Youtube Partner Program, you could still be eligible to collect incentives for shorts as part of the Youtube Shorts Fund.

Do Shorts views count?

The number of times a channel has been seen overall includes views of Youtube Shorts, but does not determine a channel’s eligibility for the Youtube Partner Program (YPP). Although not everyone is qualified to participate, the YPP gives channels the ability to monetize and generate income from videos.

Why do Shorts get so many views?

The possibility of exposure is the most intriguing advantage of shorts. Similar to TikTok, it may be quite simple to quickly gain a huge following, which is perfect for capturing viewers with shorter attention spans. Even more thrilling is the possibility of reaching non-subscribers with your material, creating a brand-new audience!


With the launch of the Youtube Shorts channel, the world’s largest video-oriented platform, Youtube, is poised to take over as the go-to source for entertaining, captivating, and viral content.

There have been billions of views on Youtube Shorts videos, and that statistic isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. You should not pass up this chance to grow your business, impact your brand, or establish your online character.

The concepts we covered in this post will put you on the right track for optimized subscription count, viewership, and channel engagement.

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